On-Trend Snacks for Today's Consumer

Plocky’s Fine Snacks is a family-owned business with headquarters in Hinsdale, Illinois. Founded in 1988 and incorporated under the name NatureStar Foods, Plocky’s has been in business for nearly 30 years, satisfying consumer demands for unique, savory snacks using only the finest ingredients with absolutely no preservatives.

Our product portfolio consists of an extensive line of PrOTATO Crisps, Tortilla Chips, and Hummus Chips.

Plocky’s pioneered the Hummus Chip concept in 2004 when we developed a line of chips made from real hummus. Our Hummus Chips are a delightfully crunchy Mediterranean snack and the first-of-it’s kind made from real hummus with olive oil.

You can find Plocky’s domestically in specialty stores, natural food stores, high-end supermarkets and on-line.  To purchase on-line, go to the Purchase Tab on our web site and click on the links for Plocky’s on-line store, Amazon.com or Snackaisle. You can also find Plocky’s in many countries outside the U.S. as we export our products to: Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Korea, Central America and to U.S. territories in the Caribbean including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.